Hot Racing Hard Beschichtet Aluminium Vorn Dämpfer tower RCE28H8

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This is the optional CNC Front Shock Tower with Hard Andized finish
for the RC8

Constructed of CNC 6061aluminum with a Hard Andized finish
CNC on Both side to give a Heavy Duty light weight Shock tower.
Multiple shock mounting positions for different track conditions

One CNC 6061 Front Shock Tower for the RC8

Installing on chassis and fastening shocks to tower

height: 2.3 & quot; (59mm)
width: 2.7 & quot; (70mm)
Thickness: 0.24 & quot; (6.1mm)
Hard-anodization :
Hard-anodization is an electro-chemical process that hardens aluminum. (Hard-Anodized aluminum is 30% harder than stainless steel. ) During hard-anodization, aluminum is submerged in an acid bath, then subjected to electrical charges. The result is a chemical reaction wherein the surface of the aluminum combines with oxygen to become aluminum oxide. This reaction is also known as oxidation, a process which occurs spontaneously in nature. Hard-anodization is actually controlled, accelerated oxidation

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