RPM Dämpfer + Karo-Halter vorn schwarz RPM-70642

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RPM Shock Hoops and Body Mounts for the Axial SCX10 are an affordable alternative to stock that improve durability and increase suspension options. Our versions incorporate stock shock mount locations along with two upper and two lower shock mounts (for a total of 7 shock mount options) that raise or lower the suspension just over 5mm (.205?). Simply moving the upper shock mount to one of these locations via one screw per shock makes ride height changes simple, cheap and very effective. RPM Shock Hoops use a unique frame mount that wraps both above and below the frame rails to help reduce the amount of impact forces transferred through the mounting screw?s threads. Our C-clamp style mounts also improve structural rigidity of the shock mount for more accurate and precise suspension set-ups. As a bonus, the included Body Posts are more stout and stronger than stock plus they bolt to RPM Shock Hoops using two screws for a secure body post that won?t rattle around. With a fixed set of body posts, your scale rig will look even more realistic since the body won?t be shifting around while you?re climbing and crawling. RPM Shock Hoops and Body Mounts are a lightweight alternative and built from our bulletproof blend of engineering grade nylons for unsurpassed performance at an unbeatable price! Tech Notes: RPM Shock Hoops will not work with stock body posts. Included body posts must be used. RPM Shock Hoops & Body Mounts are tested and guaranteed to fit with stock Axial #AX30502 frame rails only and replace the shock hoops from #AX80025 & #AX80031 Body Posts.

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