RPM Revolver Schwarz Crawler Felgen - Wide RPM-82232

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RPM Rock Crawler wheels are 0.4? (10mm) narrower (in width) than a stock 2.2? wheel. This allows the tire to balloon up, rounding out the profile of the tire, providing more side bite with the tire tread. Our two wheelbase options are a wide version which has a 0.28? (7.1mm) backspace option or our narrow wheelbase version which has a 0.69? (17.5mm) backspace option (please reference the dimension chart for tech specifics). The final crawler-specific detail engineered into these wheels was the ultra beefy hex drive that can handle the power output of many of these brushless beasts. RPM crawler wheels are sold in pairs. Like all RPM wheels, RPM crawler wheels are backed by our bulletproof performance warranty. We round out this laundry list of details with such a tiny price for so much muscle! Tech Notes: RPM crawler wheels fit all tires designed for 2.2? wheels. Hex drive is 12mm. Maximum Axle Diameter is 0.196? (5mm). Minimum Axle Length is 0.42? (10.5mm) from the hex face to the end of the axle. Please reference the chart above for more technical details.

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